Text message for a cab in the UK


A company in the UK is offering a totally useful service to make it dead easy to get a cab dispatched to you location.  BeepTaxi uses satellite tracking and text messaging to dispatch taxi cabs direct to your location.  To use it is simple, text a request for a cab to BeepTaxi and their system automatically locates you and sends the closest cab to pick you up.  The service costs GBP 1 for the text message which is pretty reasonable to get a cab quickly and with no fuss.  I love mobile technology that is simple yet very useful like this.

(via Ring Weekly)


Stansted Taxi Services

This is a great service and we have just introduced this at Stansted Airport so now all you need to do is ‘Text a Cab’ as you leave the plane and we will be waiting to ‘Meet and Greet’ you as you leave the Customs Airport. We bring you and your luggage staight to your Taxi Cab and without any delay have you on the road to your destination. There is no easier way to get you onward travel arranged.

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Fahad Fateh

That sure is very easy for the general public. who ever thought of this must be a very kind person.

I just hope that the governments start thinking like this. After all they are here to serve us and not v.v.

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