Navizon, a P2P Wireless Positioning System

Okay I know I am overloading on P2P stuff today, but the stuff keeps coming. Jim Parsons, one of the key developers behind Navizon just emailed and outlined his new app which marries GPS, WiFi, and Cellular in one nice location-based service. Only for Pocket PC phones mind you. (Jim, AlwaysONGPS sounds so much cooler!)

Here is how it works – say you have a GPS device, then Navizon will map “the Wireless Landscape (Wi-Fi access points & cell towers) everywhere you go and then this use this data to improve the accuracy and performance of your navigation within dense urban settings, indoors and even underground. Lets say you don’t own a GPS device, Navizon lets you accurately navigate cities, streets and neighborhoods using just your Pocket PC’s WiFi and/or Cell capabilities without pay hefty monthly fees to cell phone carrier network. Their website has all the details. Oh the service only works in New York, Toronto and Miami.


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