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Fox Interactive: Acquisition (Speculation) Magnet

Rupert Murdoch might as well have painted a bullseye on News Corp.’s wallet with the one-two formation of Fox Interactive Media (FIM) and acquisition of Intermix/MySpace. Just about every content acquisition mentioned since then includes FIM as a possible suitor, made all the more plausible, at times, by a serious interest in acquiring companies that fit into its strategy. Some, like Jamdat, are non-starters. Others are more reality-based and a lot smaller, like Prospectus Entertainment Ventures, LLC, owner of Baseball Prospectus; we heard today that the fantasy stats/analysis haven is about to be acquired by FIM, which would fold the online activities into Fox Sports and send the book publishing to News Corp.’s HarperCollins. ( is an affiliate.) I’ve been able to confirm there are ongoing talks but not necessarily an any-day-now deal. It would fit in, though, with the recent Scouts’ acquisition so I won’t be surprised if a deal gets done.
In some cases, approaching FIM may be a bargaining chip so executives can say they’re talking to News Corp. — even if there’s no chance of a deal. Nothing new about the tactic and its variations, just something we have to keep in mind. A lot of companies can talk to FIM and vice versa; that doesn’t mean there are deals to be made.
Look for more acquisitions by FIM in the near future, but nothing as spectacular as