DTV, a new video-blog app for Mac

I came across, a new application from the PCF, DTV: Internet TV. Wrong name – its more of a video blogging publish-watch platform that initially has been launched for Mac. That is obviously going to get a lot of publicity. As expected, I downloaded, and installed. The beta is very polished, and easy to use. Downloading videos is simple – subscribe to a channel, browser the offerings, download and watch. (Needs Quick Time 7.) You can decide how many channels to download stuff from, exactly how many clips you can download, and when the feed expires. (They have a blog, powered by Word Press!)

DTV is a good, scratch that, its a great idea. I love the elegance of this software. But it also exposes what’s wrong with the so called video blogs. You spend a few minutes, download, and then watch, only to realize a few seconds later – what a bunch of crap. Quality content is just not there. The only watchable clip was that of Jon Stewart making fun of Robert Novak walking off the CNN set. (Ironic – big media production!) I saw most of the content from the featured channels, and lets just say, not going back again, anytime soon. User generated video content which will have to make the same leap, as I would have to make from my couch to New York Yankees’ dugout. Still you can start with Broadcast Machine from the same people who are bringing you DTV.

> DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video. An intuitive interface lets users subscribe to channels, watch video, and build a video library. Our publishing software lets you broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost. The project is non-profit, free and open source, and built on open standards. A Windows version of DTV and a full website are well underway and will arrive in the next several weeks.


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