New Online TV Network Gets First Round Funding


You read it here first: Veoh, a new startup in the online TV space, has received its first round of funding, led by LA-based Shelter Capital Partners. The amount was not disclosed. The company will launch its software in beta later this month.
The San Diego-based company is headed/founded by Dmitry Shapiro, a technologist who created the P2P security software at Akonix, and manages applications such as BitTorrent and Grokster.
The concept sounds familiar: a piece of software, installed on desktops, to push the video through. It uses a P2P architecture, with security built in. The system also integrates tightly with Google Video and RSS, the company says.
Remains to be seen how it differentiated itself from the likes of OMN,, BrightCove, DTV, and others fast crowding into the field.
On a slightly tangential note, also involved with the company is John Halcyon Styn, among the early bloggers and winner of the Webby Awards for his personal site. He’s already on the hype offensive, starting a blog about Veoh here and here.

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