Momentum Generated By Simpay Must Be Maintained


European billing software and mobile payments company Nimbus Systems has praised Simpay, which disbanded a few months ago, and Mobipay, which is implementing in Spain the micropayments ideas of Simpay.
“Simpay was founded for all the right reasons and it tackled head-on the problems that threaten to thwart the potential of the m-commerce market. Writing it off as a failure is short-sighted and wrongly pessimistic. Now that the dust has settled, the mobile industry must focus on the benefits that Simpay initiated and put its efforts into promoting entities such as Mobipay across other European countries,” said Tom Uhart, co-founder and managing partner of Nimbus Systems.
Mobile payments are an integral part of the mobile content market, and having an integrated system that covers as many people as possible is important to keep the market size big…it’s especially important for third-party content providers that sell to all carriers.
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