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Skyos_desktopThose of you who like playing with different operating systems should be sure and check out SkyOS.  SkyOS is an OS written from scratch for Intel x86 systems that has evolved over time into a robust computing environment with some cool applications that are available.  SkyOS has multiprocessor support (SMP), virtual memory, memory protection, multitasking and threading in addition to an advanced filesystem (SkyFS) that is a 64–bit journaled filesystem.  SkyOS will also work with FAT/12/16/32, BFS (BeOS), Ext2/Ext3 and ISO9660 (CD-ROM) filesystems.  Further details about SkyOS after the jump.

There are too many features in SkyOS to mention here but at its core it is a full multimedia OS with integrated streaming built right into the OS so all audio and video services are advanced and fast.  If you are wondering how the GUI is then look at these features in the SkyGI:

The graphical user interface of SkyOS (SkyGI) is very flexible and powerful. Full theming and skinning is supported as well as really nice graphical features like:
– Alpha blending
– Transparent windows and alpha blended windows
– Window shadows
– Rounded windows
– Free form window shapes
– Window animations
– Optional OpenGL rendered windows
– Antialiased truetype fonts with font kerning
– Support for BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and ICO out of the box
– Various themes like WindUI, Classic, Revolution and BeOS
– Supports Windows ™ .RES resource files in seperate files or embedded in applications
– Supports application translation to any language
– Widgets: Button, Checkbox, ClientWindow, ColorSelectDialog, ComplexEdit, Dialog, Dynamic bitmap, Edit field, FileSelectDialog, FileView, FontSelectDialog, GroupBox, Frame, ListView, Menu, MessageBox, Popup, ProgressBar, PromptDialog, PropertyPage, PropertySheet, Scrollbar, Slider, Static text, StatusBar, TextEdit, Title, TreeView, ToolTip and more.
– Hardware acceleration for various graphic cards like ATI, NVidia, Chips&Techs,…

One of the most advanced features of SkyOS is the Index Feeder system which keeps all files on the SkyOS volume indexed continually.  The Index Feeder system uses a SQL-based index so file searches are completed in seconds.

SkyOS can be installed stand-alone, in a multi-boot environment, under VMWare or in a Live CD version so it is very easy to play around with it.  Some of the applications available under SkyOS may surprise you such as Firefox, Thunderbird and GIMP.  It is a very full-featured operating environment and quite fun to play around with.  To get your hands on SkyOS you must purchase a beta-testing membership for $30 which gets you all betas, access to a special beta forum and a copy of SkyOS 5.0 final when it is released.

Here are some screenshots of SkyOS in action:

Skyos firefox Skyos thunderbird

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