Finnish DVB-H Trial Had Positive Results

Mobile TVNokia has claimed the first results from its trial of the mobile broadcast TV technology DVB-H in Finnland earlier this year were positive…some figures: 58% of people trialing the system said they believe mobile TV services will be popular and test users watched between 5-30 minutes a day of normal TV channels ported to their mobiles. That’s not a run-away success but the percentage of people who think it will succeed is higher than in the general public, and realistic proponents of mobile TV were aiming for customers watching a few minutes a day, which is what happened.
Broadcasts will continue for guests of companies involved will be able to use their handsets to watch the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki.
“YLE (The Finnish Broadcasting Company) will be providing mobile TV users with a multi-channel package, including a domestic broadcast of the Championships, which includes both YLE TV1 and YLE TV2’s coverage of the Championships. In addition, mobile TV users will receive the compilation broadcast for international distribution and five special Championships broadcasts of individual events (running events, field events, race walking and the marathon). Each event can thus be followed without a break from start to finish.”
I think this use of mobile video will be particularly successful…sporting events can often go for a long time (especially things like marathons) and people won’t be able to stay near a television set for the whole time. The timing of events is also often inconvenient, so people will often be on their way somewhere when the event is actually held. Mobile TV gets around these problems…and the content is compelling pretty much by definition.
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