Daily Journal, August 9, 2005

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1.27 PM: Nokia to sell devices with RIM software, reports RCR Wireless. Not true, because there is still no update/software available. I think Nokia- Good might be more like it.

1.15 PM – Most Email Is Spam: IronPort Systems says that spam now accounts for 72% of all email, versus 21% in 1999 and 68% in 2004. By next year, they expect spam to account for 80% of all email. No surprise that spam-protection business has ballooned from $400 million in 1999 to $3.4 billion in 2005, and will top $5 billion next year. Broadband, helping invent new markets.

12.45 PM – Ringtone Downloading Jumps Fourfold In Past Year: Nearly 30 million Americans downloaded ring-tones, according to Ipsos-Insight

012.00 PM – Save your iChats: Chataloglets you store your iChats directly in your email program — exactly where all of your other online correspondence is kept, and where it is easy to group and search. Widget included as well

11.00 AM – Gateway Laptops will have mobile lo-jack: Gateway will put Absolute (mobile lo-jack) technology in its laptops hoping this will help with laptop thefts.

10.00 AM: New Buzzword: Location-Aware Media Networking Operator (LMNO) found in press release announcing $5.5 million venture funding for Intercasting. Money will be used to rouse Rabble, the company’s debut mobile blogging and social networking application.

08.00 AM: VoIP & CDMA rescue Nortel, which reported better than expected results for the second quarter. Mark Sue of RBC Capital Markets sees this as a sign that the “telecom equipment industry is showing further signs of stabilization.” The 24% QoQ CDMA growth was aided by EVDO deployments in N. America by Verizon and Sprint.

07.30 AM: Lets Those Ad Dollars Flow. “There’s only one measurement that matters, however, to media buyers at the ad agencies. comScore found that, while 37% of internet users had annual household income in excess of $75,000, 41% of blog readers were in that top band,” says Nick Denton.

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