Time Warner Cable Trials Broadband TV


Time Warner Cable, is putting 75 channels on the web for its broadband subscribers, as part of a trial, currently underway in San Diego with 9000 households participating. Real Networks is providing the streaming technology. The company will offer it for free to those who subscribe to its broadband and video service.

> Peter Stern, Time Warner Cable executive VP of product management says, “We believe the PC is just another outlet for video programming in the home. If the subscriber has already paid for the service, they should be able to receive the signals on their PC.”

Shocking… such evolved thinking from an incumbent. Maybe its from necessity – given the efforts Bells are undertaking right now in building out their own TV services. I bet “place shifting” service for extra few dollars is next on cards from one of the cable providers. Incidentally since this is technically not IPTV or even cable TV, I am labelling this as “Broadband TV.” Feel free to popularize the phrase.


Jesse Kopelman

Brandon, don’t assume an IPTV channel is analagous to a broadcast tv channel. I think it will be more like a VOD channel, that might only have a handful of shows per month. After actually reading the article, it is clear that it is not all TW content, though — they talk about ESPN, for example.


Jesse: “75 channels” – so probably not only their content.

However, Doc – redistribution over IP could be considered over “cable” – which are the same rights they are entitled to now. Thoughts?

Jesse Kopelman

Doc, since this is Time Warner, who are a content people, maybe they are only using their own content.


Won’t last.

Content people will come down hard on them for this stunt, as their contracts probably do not include any IP redistribution rights.

The limiting factor in these types of services are not the incumbents, but the content people.



i’m surprised a bigger deal is not being made of this…

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