PC Magazine reviews the Fujitsu P1510 ultra-portable


The news of the US release of the Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 ultra-portable with a convertible touch screen has spread like wildfire across the web and the flames are fanned by a review of the nice device published by PC Magazine.  They gave it a good rating and named it an Editor’s Choice due to the capable components and the touch screen.  Read the review for some good hands-on information and photos of the P1510.



I was under the impression that MS Office’s HWR was an older version (circa 2003), and Tablet OS’s HWR was a newer version (circa 2005). Is that incorrect?

(Written with RitePen 2.5 with only two interpretation mistakes, both having the correct interpretation in the displayed pick list.)


The full Tablet Edition is no doubt the best solution but I know a lot of people using the office / ritePen combo on Sony U’s who are quite happy with it.

I rarely convert ink in OneNote to text so it wouldn’t impact me like it would you.

BTW, EverNote uses the same HWR engine as that in ritePen.

Daryl Herbert

jk: I think that’s basically correct, except that HWR in MS Office XP only comes with the Professional Edition (so student/home/small business version users are out of luck there)

I downloaded the free trial of RitePen and was not impressed.

Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by handwriting recognition in OneNote on a real Tablet PC (I couldn’t download that free trial off the internet; I had to walk into a store).

I figure you should be able to enter your data as ink and convert it to text at a later time–at your convenience–when you have the keyboard handy. Ritepen doesn’t really give you that (unless you are using the HWR in EverNote, which is made by the same company as RitePen and is really great).


OneNote is a separate product from Office 2003 and while ink works fine you cannot do ink to text conversion without the Tablet extensions. HWR works in the other Office apps just fine without the Tablet extensions. Note that the P1510 ships with ritePen which provides full HWR in any program. It is the same program shipeed with the Sony U750 in the US and works very well. If that is not good enough then eWeek reports that Fujitsu will sell a real Tablet PC version of the P1510 by year’s end.


Really? The full HWR is part of Office 2003? Are you sure? I’ve always read that HWR in OneNote doesn’t work (though the rest of the program does) without the Tablet OS. If I can use handwriting recognition in OneNote on the Fujitsu 1510, I’ll order it today…?


Actually the full HWR engine is part of MS Office 2003. The inclusion of ritePen extends that capability even further. eWeek is reporting a Tablet PC edition of the P1510 will be out by year’s end.

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