Fujitsu convertible P1500 now available in the US


P1500Fujitsu US has announced today the availability in the US of the LifeBook P1500D touch screen ultra-portable with the 8.9” screen.  The P1500D is the same device I previously reported as the P1510 that was being released today in Korea.  The P1500 is summed up in the press release:

The LifeBook P1500 notebook, the successor to the popular LifeBook P1000 notebook, is powered by the Intel® Pentium® M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 753 and 915GMS chipset with up to 1GB of system memory. Designed for the highly mobile user, this full-function ultra-portable convertible is the ideal traveling companion delivering extended battery life of up to seven hours for keeping up with a busy workday or lifestyle, a shock-mounted hard drive for peace of mind, an easy-to-use intuitive touch screen – all secured with embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and a biometric fingerprint swipe sensor. Maximum productivity is ensured with built-in modem, LAN and optional Atheros® Super AG™ WLAN with dual diversity antenna, delivering excellent connectivity and data transfer rates.

Port_replicatorThe P1500D is available through the Fujitsu web site and direct sales force priced starting at $1499 and comes with a three year warranty.  The little touch screen convertible is bundled with EverNote Plus and ritePen, both taking advantage of the passive digitizer on the P150D.  Unfortunately the Fujitsu specs confirm the lack of a PC Card slot so EVDO users can pass on this one.  Current accessories available via the Fujitsu web site:

  • Extra battery
  • High-capacity battery (7 hour)
  • Bump case
  • Port replicator
  • External DVD CD-RW combo drive
  • Floppy drive
  • External USB CD-ROM drive



Optional Bluetooth wireless capability will be available in October, according to the vendor.


I meant to say, I assume from the fact that they are releasing a Tablet OS version before the end of the tear, that version will have an active screen not a passive one.
I am not suprised the Sony U has been withdrawn in Japan apparently, I bet they come out with something to compete with this, as this Fujitsu has been well leaked earlier on this year


As long as the drivers are readily available the Tablet extensions should load perfectly on this device.


Looks like a good “TPC Upgrade” candidate a’la the U. Too bad about the lack of PC Card slot, though.


why do they put a passive screen with these things? why not active with tablet OS?

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