Verizon FIOS problems anyone?


Update: WallStreet Journal has a big front page story about tinkering by the incumbents. Remember my piece, the VoIP End Run. Oh its coming… how is this for a start.

Verizon’s Fiber to the Home service, dubbed FIOS is slowly coming online, but some users are already complaining about a variety of problems with the much awaited service. IP address problems, no dial-tone, problems with third party VoIP and incompatibility with certain wireless routers are amongst the most common problems.

Jon Gales complains about a hyperactive dynamic IP that constantly resets itself which makes it difficult to work with servers/services that are authenticated by IP. I guess this is not going to cause problems for people who are using plain vanilla broadband, but if you expect to manage the servers then you got problems. Like Jon.

> I called Verizon to see what was up (this is the first time I have noticed an IP change, and it happened twice in such a short time) and they had the balls to claim that it’s a feature. Another “feature” is they make the pattern a secret. Like somehow knowing when my IP will change makes the network insecure.

This could be one way of getting consumers to up the service level to professional package, and charge more money? And this is not the only thing. There are others who say that Vonage calls drop off when running on FIOS. (That might be because of Vonage issues, but still it is something to note.) Quite a few other random complaints. There are incidents that only D-Link routers work with FIOS, and Linksys routers have some other issues as well. Here is another one:

>They told me that they’re starting to find issues with certain phones on FIOS and that I would have to go buy another phone. I said this was BS and told them to just change it back to the old copper line but they said once they switch over to fiber they can’t swicth back. BUYER BEWARE! They don’t tell this is a possibilty when you sign on. In fact they tell you that if your not satisfied you can cancel within 30 days. I now have to go out buy another business line phone for $200.00 now. Unbelievable!

I am going to follow-up with Verizon and see what’s going on, and perhaps if these are teething problems. On the flips side, FCC, having ceded complete control to the RBOCs, will really have to step-up and play the cop here. I have started a forum here, incase you have problems with Verizon FIOS.

Discuss Verizon FIOS here!


Robert McCutcheon

I had FIOS installed about 6 months ago and must say the internet and telephone service is perfectly ok. My problem is the radio frequency interference radiated from the 48 volt rectifier that supplies the back up battery. It completely obliterates my AM radio reception within about 20 to 25 feet of the rectifier installed here on the inside cellar wall. I called a trouble report and the repair technician and his supervisor arrived promptly but had to admit there was nothing they could do about the situration. A disclaimer enclosed with the paperwork states it is FCC accepted and they are not responsible for such interference. I am amazed that the “Telephone Company” would install such a piece of “junk”. Will they develope an improved rectifier and when?? My solution is to unplug the rectifier when I want to receive AM radio.


Wow, I find the majority of these comments/complaints preposterous.
90% of the situations are or were caused by
the customer not the company.

Seriously, stupid crap like this is why I
quit doing computer repair for retailers.

You guys should learn to read up on shit before
you buy it and atleast know how to use it.

I’ve setup many kinds of routers and many
kinds of VoIP services on FiOS without any
serious issues. Yes, some take a bit of
tweaking, but, they all work fine. Any issues
you’re getting are ID10T ones.


Verizon is upgrading the plant. If they make the investment they should reap the benefits not any other local exchange carriers. The only reason why there was competition on copper was that the “baby bells” inherited the copper plant. So it really wasn’t “owned” by anyone. So thats why everyone was allowed to make money off of it.

froendy in 33569, FL

Be careful with Verizon FIOS service. I called Verizon to disconnect the FIOS TV service during the 30-day free period. Verizon cut my TV service the same day, 9/27/06. I called Verizon to inform it that I do not have TV service anymore. The company replied that it does not reconnect Brighthouse service. However, Verizon did disconnect my cable from the Brighthouse box outside my house! What a sleazy company!

Did you know that Verizon and Bellsouth had to be forced to give you back the $1 to $3 extra that the government stopped charging on your phone bill. You would think that since the govt stopped the charge Verizon would drop it too automatically. No, it finally, dropped it under pressure (bad press). Yes, it is a sleazy company.

Finally, once this year, Verizon charged more than $3 per minute for a phone call that I made to Canada. I have a copy of the bill. Don’t bother with the FTC. I have sent the FTC a letter with a copy of the bill. I have yet to receive a response.

Jenn Custer

Well thanks everyone for helping me make my decision.

Verizon has sent me FED-EX Air Mail to advertize FIOS and even sent somebody to my door today. FIOS is not for me.

BTW: for those of you who had problems with tech support. follow these tips

  1. Get a case number for every call. If you have to call again for the same issue they’ll be able to pull up the previous callupon the case number. They may say it is closed, have them open it.

  2. Try to call between 8-5

  3. If your having problems with billing. ask to speak with their collections department.

  4. They will try to get you off the phone in less then a half hour. Slow them down and take time to get it done right.


well, they came 1 week early. did not tell me about the change with the wiring that I could not get back to another phone carrier. I cannot use their interim dish service for tv since I live near trees.
Got a good phone number for CSR.
VP of Customer Service for NY
908-559-2277 Steven Cannell.
I am removing this from my house. period.

V Smith

FIOS and DSL were installed in October 2005. I was the first in the community to acquire it. For several months it appeared to operate as promised, except for being slower than I had expected it to be. Being able to use the telephone while on line was a nice feature…BUT…after several months, I lost my dial tone and could not use my telephone at all when online. No calls out, no calls in. Truly isolated from the world when online. I see others have had similar experience. Any help?


Verizon Fios has been a disaster. Cannot consistently connect to employer’s home page. Many wasted efforts at repair. Many lies. Poorest service ever. Have their tv, computer, and phone service. Actiontec router is a piece of shit. Going back to Comcast.

Mark Loftus

I have had fios for about 6 mo. Since then I have not been able to host my shoot-em-up games on-line, I can join them, but cant host them. Verizon just says as long as I have the net, its just too bad. Not thier concern. Can anybody tell me what I have to do to host my games again?? The speed is the only reason I agreed to try fios in the first place. Now, it does me no good for the purpose I intended!! I use gamespy for my games, Please, help someone !!??

Andy Singleton

I have found that Vonage does not work over my FIOS. This might be due to a technical error, but I suspect sabotage.

I can start a Vonage call, but within 10 minutes it will be disconnected. Apparently there is an event that happens approximately once every ten minutes that disrupts the call routing. Perhaps I have only 10 minutes on one IP. I haven’t checked that. I also have similar problems with Skype. Whatever the cause, the result is that FIOS will not handle VOIP.

I have two other internet services to my home office – RCN cable and Comcast Cable – and Vonage and Skype work fine over either of them with an identical setup.

Stupidity or malice? I’d like to know.


I have had fios for about 8 months. About 4 months ago I had fios TV installed. I originally ordered fios service with POTS service. My service is acceptable and I have no significant issues with the fios service.

My issue is billing. While I had POTS, Verizon billed everything on my phone bill. After becoming tired of 6 telemarking calls nightly, I decided to terminate the POTS service. I was advised at that time I would need to start paying with a CC. I did provide a CC at that time, but initiated a conversation with Verizon requesting alternate payment methods. After several emails and phone conversations, a Verizon rep finally agreed to send me invoices. The first invoice was received in May of 06. I payed this bill via my banks online bill pay service. Though delayed two weeks, it was properly credited to my fios bill. However, the next two invoices payed in the exact same manner was not properly credited to my account. After receiving a check from Verizon for the sum of the last two payments, I discovered the issue. I promptly contacted Verizon Sunday,7/9 and again Monday, 7/10, only to get the same response of you need to pay with a CC.

Fustrated, I again contacted Verizon today as I had not seen the charge against my CC and they had me scheduled for disconnection. The Verizon rep was bewildered that I was told there was no other billing methods available. I asked for him to put was stating in writing to my email address which I provided to him. I am still awaiting the email.

In summary, my service has been acceptable. However, the customer service has been horrific.

oscar mendez

I have fios for about 3 months
the technitian that installed it said that he was coming next day , but never came back and left all his tools in my house
I do not have a phone number to call, so I found this way to inform I don”t know if my installation is complete or not, because he was coming next day to finish the job.
oscar my phone is 516:662-3885


I switched to fios from comcast…which I had trouble with but when it worked it was really fast…now with fios…the downloads are about the level of dial-up. Plus they screwed up the billing and overcharged my credit card to the tune of $250.00. Also my vonage is not working correctly…with fios. Before switching be very cautious…

FIOS Routing issue in Long Island

I had Verizon Business FIOS installed 15/2 with 5 Static IPs.

Here’s a problem I discovered only when I told a partner about FIOS and they decided to switch over as well.

Odd ending IPs within the same area can only route to other odd ending IPs.

The same is true for EVEN ending IPs.

If you’re on FIOS and want to test for yourself to see if you’re affected also.

Whatever your current IP is, i.e.
try doing a tracert to &

Basically you’re increasing the 3rd octet by 1 and assuming that is still a Verizon IP local to you, you will probably see the same results.

even if there is no other device on either of those – the tracert should get passed your gateway.
If you are affected you will notice (depending on whether your IP is odd or even) you will get further on one IP and the other will just die at your gateway.

If you’re in Long Island and on FIOS, try accessing these 2 websites:

These are both the same device, given 2 IPs.

If you’re not on the local FIOS network, you should have no problem getting to both. If you are on FIOS in Long Island, you will only be able to get to the odd (.11) site if your IP is odd, and to the even (.10) site if your IP is even.

There is no router or firewall on my end causing this.
You can test that for yourself by doing a traceroute.
I have no way of blocking the route all the way to your gateway, if you can’t get passed your gateway to both sites – you are also affected.

I’ve been working with Verizon for over a month on this issue – however the higher level network support disregards this issue, as they claim there are not enough people complaining about it to justify a router access control list change.

However, what you may not realize is if you’re hosting websites on Verizon FIOS, what this means is basically they are blocking potential customers from visiting your site.

Only if enough people complain about it will this be fixed.

If you have this same issue, please call them about it.

Their tech support line is (888) 244-4440.

Thanks in advance for any support.

Rob Newman

I had FiOS installed about a month ago. The install process was a Three Stooges act. The installer came out and determined that the fiber needed to be pulled from the junction box 300 feet down the street. He called and set this up, but when a crew of three contract workers came out, none of whom spoke English, I insisted that any digging on my property be first preceeded by untility marking. Verizon is responsible for this, but apparently seldom coordinates it with the local utility companies. At one point the contract supervisior told me that since they only dug a trench 6″ deep, they did not have to do this. When I told him that it was required by city ordinance, he backed off. A week later, the intaller shows up again, but of course the fiber has still not been pulled because they have not yet marked the utilities. A week later, after the untilities have finally been marked, the trenching/drilling crew shows up again and it takes about four hours for them to run the fiber up to my house. Two weeks later, the installers show up yet again and begin the install. Since my house is cabled for Cat5-E, I requested that they installation use my cable supply to tie in the service, which they did. The two installers did not pay much attention to asthetics and started running the cable around the door trim in my entry way before I realized what they were doing. I quickly had them stop this and rerouted the cable up over the entry doorway and back through a closet which sits adjacent to my SOHO office area.

Once installed the crew started to pack their bags and go without really testing the install with my PC and router configuration. I opted to use the Verizon supplied D-Link 4-port plus 802.1G router and after a few minutes of configuration, the PC was up and running.

The real challenge has been getting my VoIP service working correctly. I have this through a company called Vortex Broadband which is run by a friend of mine. They sent me a Sipura 2100 ATA to connect to my router (or in front of my router). This has been in place for about three weeks now and I am still having trouble with local dialing using 10-digit access. When I use my cell phone to call my office, the call fails prompting me to dial a 1 or 0 first. This 1 dialing request cannot be used on my T-Mobile network. The problem is not limited to my cell phone. Any local area caller is promted to use 1 dialing which many do not fearing that it will be charged as a intra-LATA long distance call. Right now, I don’t know who to blame and neither Vortex or Verizon seems to be able to fix the problem. If we cannot resolve this, I may install anothe VoIP line from another vendor and see if it works correctly. If anyone has any advice on how to resolve this, I would appreciate your feedback (

Rob (near Fort Worth)


I advice any one considering verizon fios to stay away from it. My service was mysteriously disconnected twice in 3 weeks. No one there could tell me why this was happening. Of course they would assume it was no payment before checking with their own billing dept. If they had they would have seen that payment was up to date. It took them FOUR
days to get my internet service reconnected and one more day for them to even try to get email back up. But they screwed up my email address and assigned a new email address without ever checking with me. I guess they expected people who wanted to email to guess what the new email was. Their service is really incopetent. I spoke to about 10 different people and each time I had to start from scratch explaining what the problem was. Their technician don’t seem to be a ble to share the info about what they’ve done before, so someone else can pick up where the other left off. They even offered me a month of free service and I told them a month free of no service is worth nothing. So I strongly recommend staying away from verizon fios, at least for the near future. Save $ & frustration.


has anyone had a problem with their cdrw drive not working after the verizon fios install? I’m thinking maybe it could be the verizon internet security software but not sure. I have XP and my IMAPI CD service won’t start automatically. This was working fine before the install. Any help anyone?



Trip over the wire and sue Verizon. I bet you they will fix the cable then :)


Recently moved and got Fios on May 2, 2006. [Just remember when talking to someone at Verizon about Fios… you are talking to a sale’s person… who’s goal is to sell you FIOS.] They lie and are evasive/elusive with details on the installation process… say your DSL emails will follow… still waiting to see this… Was told DSL not in my area before making the decision on which ISP to use… lie… it is and provided by Verizon.

I can get online but I can’t access email through outlook. My yahoo emails were linked to my verizon so I could download them through OE. They use yahoo as the portal… when I try to sign on there… yahoo says I cancelled my account? I can go to Verizon Central and sign on, but only look at the main VC home page. If I click on my account or anything else pertaining to looking at my account… it takes me to the verizon yahoo sign on page… in which I try to sign in but get:

Verizon Yahoo! Account Cancellation Options

Verizon Yahoo! account canceled

You no longer have access to Verizon Yahoo! for Broadband services because you canceled your Verizon Yahoo! account ***** To reactivate your Verizon Yahoo! account, please call Verizon Customer Service at 800-567-6789.
Once the transfer is complete, your settings and personal information cannot be restored to your Verizon Yahoo! account ***** if you decide to reactivate it later.

If you take no action to transfer your account within 60 days of the cancellation of your Verizon Yahoo! account, your existing settings and personal information (for example, email messages, address book entries, photos) will be permanently deleted. If you have purchased additional premium services (such as a Yahoo! Personals subscription), those services will also be canceled.

Transfer Information?

The same message for all my sub-accounts as well.

I’m furious because I wanted DSL… I was curious about FIOS … but wanted to research it more. I’m furious at my self for letting the salesperson get away with lying to me about not being able to get DSL where I’m at.

I watched DSL for 5 years before switching to it and I would have done the same with FIOS had I not been lied to.

Oh and did I mention there’s a cable running across my sidewalk that has yet to be buried? I called again today about my email and unburied cable… told them you must have several tickets written up on me … I’ve called everyday since May 2. Was told the tickets expired??? New ones were written up today???

So you have a problem… they give the complaint a certain amount of time… if they don’t get someone to solve the problem… your complaint or problem expires???? I sh** you not … today when I asked again about the unburied cable the exact words of the tech was, “I see where a work order was written up on the cable… but that order has already expired” What does that mean???? What happened to using the “resolved” status? If anyone else get a so-called “expired” ticket status… don’t let them get away with it. Ask them ahead of time what the expiration date is for a reported problem… since they haven’t heard of a resolution date.

chris forsha

Last week i clicked into yahoo one day and ended up losing my verizon email address that had many items in it. I have been unable to bring it back up as it is saying I now have a yahoo email address, something I really did not want. I cannot access my email because it will not take my password! I need your help in bringing my verizon email back up and running.

Chris Forsha


I added FIOS and am in the 30 day trial, and have been a Comcast cable user for six years. I am not impressed. With a PC on each link, the slower cable Internet works faster for pages with many objects. Throughput is better, but connection set-up time is slower. Its as if Verizon has some proxy server or other “crap” between me and the Internet. In addition, the Verizon FTP server is slow and times out a lot. That has nothing to do with FIOS, but it is a big factor in deciding to stick with FIOS on day 31. Thinking about trying out the support channels to see if they can make me happy, but also thinking about saying “thanks for the fiber, I’ll see you when you can give me TV too”. Changing email addresses from Comcast is another ‘pain’ factor… we’ll see.


My wife and I switched to FiOS from Verizon DSL this past December. We were relatively happy with the DSL service, but thought we saw “the handwriting on the wall” in that the DSL service quality would probably decline as resources were focused on FiOS. (We’d had a similar experience with dial-up before switching to DSL.)

FiOS has, so far, been one disappointment after another.

We wanted the fiber optic cable run to the house on the west side of our property so the electrical boxes could be installed in the garage. When the installers showed up, they installed the cable on the east side of the property and installed the boxes on our living room wall — right next to the couch and the front window. Aesthetic, it’s not.

We had wanted the CAT5 cable run through the wall from the garage to the adjacent room just beyond that wall. Failing that, we at least wanted the cabling routed through the attic. The installers decided that would be too difficult and instead stapled the cables across the front of the house, outside the siding, to a room where we really didn’t want the connection. Again, aesthetic, it’s not, nor is it terribly convenient.

So. This is probably worth it because of the higher speed and greater reliability we were promised, right?

Well…at this point, my internet connection actually works only about 50% of the time. Of that time when it works, it’s noticeably faster about 20% of that time, slower than my former DSL about 30% of the time, and about the same 50% of the time. I can no longer connect to my online brokerage’s website at all.

The support people at Verizon have been helpful, but also helpless. I’ve now called them three times to try to figure out the problems.

Comcast is looking awfully good right about now.

Nitin Pandit

I got Verizon Business 15/2 service installed at my home with 5 statis IPs. When the service was sold to me, Verizon did not tell me a little detail… that the Dlink router that they supply does not handle 5 static IPs… and that the Adtran router that can handle 5 static IPs costs an additional $300! In fact, the CONTRACT that Verizon sent to me by email also guarantees the delivery of the full set of 5 static IPs, and says nothing about the limitation of the Dlink router. How is a customer to know?

I have been running from pillar to post (various toll free numbers and agents and supervisors) and they refuse to acknowledge this as an error in their service specification or provision or both.

It is like saying that you are going to get a telephone line with 2 numbers, but oops… you should have known that it will cost you another piece of equipment costing $300 to actually access the numbers!!!

T., Residential User

Has anyone installed a D-Link booster? I want to add one to my Verizon FIOS Broadband program. If so, did you have any problems installing the booster? I haven’t contacted Verizon with these questions, but plan to do so. Thanks. TB


–We had the Fios installed in early Oct. 2005.
Recently, within the past three weeks, Verizon’s
mail server has been deleting my inbox, when I
use their mail program.
The mail is there today, and gone tomorrow.
I keep calling them about this and they say they’ll
get back to me. They haven’t.
I don’t even use 1% of the allotted space.
Thank God, I can download the
small mail messages to Outlook express.
I have to use Verizon’s mail program because Outlook
Express & Netscape 7.1 will now no longer accept large
incoming emails (videos etc) The Pop3 keeps timing
out on both even though it is set at the highest
setting. (they would accept them when I had dial-up)
I can however, send out large files on both
Express & Netscape, go figure!
No help from Verizon on this problem either.
Estelle, Residential User
West Chester, Pa.

Paradise Cowgirl

“This could be one way of getting consumers to up the service level to professional package, and charge more money?”

Never attribute to malice [or greed] what can attributed to stupidity.

Verizon Online (the ISP part of Verizon) is known (among their customers who hang out at BBR, ) for making really stupid engineering decisions. Their latest one happened to DSL customers who are on DHCP (versus those on PPPoE) last Spring: let’s set IP lease times to 15 minutes. I kid you not, they did that and it was a MESS. After a number of WEEKS they finally figured out a 2 hour lease would work better :p

Oh, why such a short lease time at all? Because they wanted to enable MAC filtering/binding automatically (to limit the number of public IP addresses DHCP customers could pull) but this caused problems if the customer wanted to switch to the DSL modem/router to/from bridge mode.

Really, Verizon can’t fix one problem without causing at least two more.

Despite stupid decisions like these, I’m still a very happy DSL customer and can’t wait to get FIOS (years a way for me probably, given where I live).


Actually, I’ve had no problems with FIOS. My problem is that Verizon monopolizes your house once FIOS is installed. By removing your copper wire you are now forced to stay with Verizon until other carriers have fiber optic capabilities.

I did not find out about this until I wanted to switch back to DSL to save some money. They said “Nope, can’t”



BBR has a forum already — I have had FiOS in McLean, VA for a four months with absolutely no problem. I am also using Vonage and I am using a modified firmware on my Linksys. I have no idea why people are having problems, but if you are managing servers on FiOS and are using a non-business account, you have nothing to bitch about since the ToS says that you can’t have a server running on the FiOS service.


Om, you shouldn’t like to organizations that put their content behing pay|registerwalls. If they need to be mentioned at all, ply a little fair use to their content.

Sunil Chhaya

To all the folks having trouble with the big corporations – write to their CEOs. [Disclaimer – I have no vested connection to this endorsement -] I have used a website called, that has gotten me attention and almost 100% resolution rate for any of my problems with these big companies. All you need to do is to write a letter to the CEO of, say, Verizon, in this case, and cc: that to your local legislators – senators, representatives and state attorney general, and wait! You will be surprised how well that can work for you. Give it a try anyway. I have used the service that is free to consumers, for the last 7-8 years, and it has worked for me almost every time.

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