Vonage trials Business VoIP


It should come as no surprise – they partnered with TowerStream – that Vonage is focusing on VoIP for business. The company is beta testing a product called Vonage Business Plus, because they see a big opportunity here. I am not sure – given the large number of players in this space, the small-and-medium sized business is going to be a tough nut to crack for them.


Jeremy Pepper

Well, hopefully it will be different than the current small business plans … which still don’t seem all that different than their other plans.

The key for me – the ability to choose phone numbers, not have them randomly selected.


Om, If Vonage is entering the commercial market for small and medium sized businesses they must be able to show their service will be more reliable. Its one thing to experience massive system failure for residential customers but its quite another to have that similar occurrence for businesses. If they do begin to increase their market share of business VOIP use that can only bode well for the residential service because it means they were able to convince the business owners of their consistent quality and performance.

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