Ten Blogs I Must Read


Steve Rubel and Dwight Silverman are pushing the “ten blogs I would take to a desert island” meme. Going to desert island is for wimps. Vacations interfere with life. So instead of doing desert island thing, I am going to list the ten blogs I must read every day.

  1. Sepia Mutiny. They are a worthy descendant of Not Really Indian, my long forgotten blog about quirkiness of those who are almost Indian.
  2. PopSugar. Gossip, wit, and crazy photos. I am down with that.
  3. Engadget. Gadgets I cannot afford… digital window shopping is more like it.
  4. Broadband Reports. Still the #1 read for all things broadband.
  5. Russell Beattie. Despite his foray into mac world, he still is the king of wireless.
  6. SkypeJournal. All things Skype, including the hype.
  7. James Enck. Wit, telecom and eurotrash, all in one easy to swallow tablet.
  8. The Stalwart. New but nosy, and nice.
  9. Silicon Beat. Matt and Michael go to Silicon Valley
  10. Andy. He is one of a kind.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t read nearly 400 RSS feeds in my Net New Wire. I do. But these ten – they are my personal must reads. Notables include Jeff Clavier, Mob Happy, Business2Blog, and Muniwireless.

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