DocuPen R700 pocket scanner reviewed


Docupen-handTom’s Hardware has taken a look at the DocuPen R700 mobile scanner that is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest scanner in the world. The pen scanner has 2 MB of on-board memory and uses USB to transfer scanned pages to the computer as well as charge the unit. The review has some photos and a video of the DocuPen in action and some scan quality comparisons. If you are looking for a mobile scanner I don’t think you can get smaller than this so check out the review. You will find a lot of DocuPen videos on the DocuPen web site.


Mike Cane

Yeah, but I want to transfer *immediately* and *where I am*. I don’t want to scan pages and pages out of, say, a library reference book only to get home and find out I have 30% of it intelligible. With the QLP, I can scan and proof *on the spot.*

Trevor Claiborne

The speed of the Docupen versus the pen scanner is much faster.

Also you only need to plug the docupen in when you need to transfer.

Mike Cane

If I’m not mistaken, with this scanner you have to connect back to a desktop/notebook via USB. This is cumbersome and limits the true portability/usability of it.

For several years now, I’ve been using

It has several advantages:

1) OCR is done in the device itself

2) You can IR the OCRed text to anything that can accept a textfile beam (well, except for PPCs, of course — they want Peacemaker Pro; thanks MS!)

3) I’ve gotten recognition as high as 99% depending on the typeface

4) In a pinch, you can clean up the text on the device itself (it has a 4-line screen), although this is very painful to do

I’ve literally scanned several *megabytes* of stuff over these past several years. I wouldn’t be without this unit.


I have a client who bought one of these. An extreme amount of patience is necessary to use it, but it does a decent job of scanning and you are correct — I don’t think you can find a smaller unit.

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