InkyBoard for the Tablet PC


InkyboardWarner Crocker points to a whiteboard application for the Tablet PC that lets you make any document a background so you can ink and sketch to your heart’s delight over the original.  From the InkyBoard web site:

InkyBoard is a simple application for the Tablet PC that mimics a white board or a flip chart.. To install InkyBoard, download and run the Installer file. To remove InkyBoard, use the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

InkyBoard supports the following features:

  • Window transparency from 10% to 100% opaque.
  • Multipage documents
  • Background images
  • Resizable window
  • Scratch out erase and pen erase
  • Change ink strokes to shapes (Rectangle/Square, Ellipse/Circle, Triangle, Star, Line)
  • Automaticallly recognize shapes (Square, Ellipse/Circle, Triangle, Star)
  • Save to OneNote SP1 using the new API
  • Option to start InkyBoard on system startup
  • Installs using a Windows Installer .msi file
  • Embedded help and tool tips
  • Opens or prints ISF files from Windows Explorer.

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