Biometric FingerGear USB flash drive


FingergearIn a move sure to appeal to security conscious mobile professionals Atmel introduced the FingerGear, a flash memory drive that has a fingerprint sensor to protect the stored data.  Swiping your finger across the sensor authenticates you as an authorized user and permits access to the sensitive information stored on the FingerGear.  All of the biometric security software is resident on the flash drive so the FingerGear can be used on computers running Windows, Linux, OS X or any other operating system that is USB host compliant.  These are the same folks that produce the Computer-on-a-Stick, which is also available with the fingerprint sensor.  $149 with 256 MB of memory.

(Atmel via Gear Live)


john baylor

Bonnie, actually, there is no onboard processor which makes it much less expensive than the some of the small linux ipod sized devices which came out not too long ago. I have one of these as well, the standard version not the biometric version which is due out in sept. (gadgaholic, yes). The drive actually uses the host PC’s processor to run the OS and all applications. I was prepared for slow loading times, but actually, it is FASTER than loading apps in my 3 yr old XP laptop. Another cool thing is that has Adobe PDF maker, which immediately justifies the cost of the device, which is cheaper than the whopping $299 that Adobe charges for this feature. Very cool stuff. -jb


I’ve used the computer-on-a-stick. It’s less expensive than other products out there and has portable email, flash memory, an onboard 400MHz processor, etc, etc, etc!

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