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Wow – this came out of Left Field. Apple released the Mighty Mouse today. In typical Apple style, it looks really sleek. But will the features perform as well? Hopefully someone will soon get their hands on one and let us know. Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown.

It’s got touch sensitive areas where you would normally see 2 buttons on a mouse. That’s right, 2 buttons!! There’s also a 360 degree scroll ball right on top, for scrolling in whichever direction you desire. Add a couple edge buttons, programmable for Dashboard, Expose, or whatever you want, and you’ve got a mouse from Apple that just about catches up all the time it’s lost in the mouse technology arena.

You can pick one up for $49. It’ll also work on a PC via USB.
Hat tip, Engadget for bringing this to my attention.


Erick Reddekopp

Well for all the negative comments some of said in a number of places about either the cost, the fact it is not wireless or the functions, etc……The mouse has been sold out in the ENTIRE LA and OC area since the day it came out.

That is my only complaint……not enough supply for the demand……..

Damn it Apple, I need my fix! Haha

Jason Terhorst

I actually tried the new mouse at the Apple store in Fashion Island, Newport Center (awesome mall, by the way), and it’s not a bad mouse. Right now, my Microsoft mouse provides more function with its two side buttons (which I use as forward and back in the browser). Apple has one less button, and the side-grip click for the fourth “button” is a little weird (too hard to press, IMHO). I will be sticking with the M$ offering for the time being, until either Apple updates it, or my Microsoft mouse stops working (it is rather old, after all. One of the first USB optical offerings, and was 50 bucks when it came out a few years ago).


There’s probably already a Bluetooth version but we won’t be seeing it in about 3 months.

Apple does the usual thing and releases a new must-have product with some kind of shortcoming and then release new versions with small incremental improvements that could’ve been there from the start.

Apple slaves will buy the wired mouse now, replacing their wireless 1-button mouse, then they’ll gladly cough up more money when the wireless version comes.

They play this game in their little monopolized world. Others (Windows machine manufacturers) compete with eachother and work their butts off to get the meanest baddest machines out before the others. Apple rules their own universe so they can keep the junkies coming back to buy the same product over and over. Well I’m not playing that game, I’ll wait for the wireless Mighty Mouse.


I bought it and love it. The little button is not an eraser, but a mini mouse ball, that rolls with your finger, and you can modify the speed of the movement through the software.

I think it’s a very nice mouse, worth adding a cord by having it replace my bluetooth Apple mouse.


I’m very intriuged. I have always used Logitech mice and the apple mice have never been that comfortable to me, but I’m definitely going to give this a try.

I’m also glad that the mouse button isn’t totally pressure sensitive. If there wasn’t a button to click, then I’d be accidentally clicking all over the place when I tap my fingers on my mouse. I should be able to do that without anything happening. :)


At last a two buttons Apple mouse… but not enough yet.

I’ts a good improvement but I’ll wait for the Bluetooth version. I’m in a personal quest to eliminate as much cables as I can. I just expect that the waiting don’t take too long.




The top of the mouse clicks just like the current Apple mouse does. The touch-sensitive part just detects whether the pressure to click is being applied more to the left or right side of the top of the mouse.


Jason Terhorst

People took the touch-sensitive nature of the 3G iPod kind of sour, so the touch-sensitive buttons on this mouse, however cool, may not sell all too well. People want the actual “click” of the mouse – both sound and tactile, not just the silly speaker.


The scroll ball sounds nice and I wonder why no one seems to have thought of it before. I like real buttons though. I will stick with my Kensington Optical Elite.


David Appleyard Says:
> Why on earth isn’t it cordless though?
> Aaargh!

Probably because for $49 dollars, apple couldn’t squeeze wireless transmitter / receiver into the package.

Abid the nice design and probably ease of use (touching instead of clicking), $49 is really a bit steep for a mouse.

I know I’m gonna get it sooner or later though :(

Jason Terhorst

Please tell me that the scroll-ball is an actual scrolling ball, and not one of those pains from the IBM Thinkpads. Those were annoying, and impossible to use.

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