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Why Some Music Is Digitally MIA

People who sign up for subscription music services might have an idea that it’s like the motel in the commercial that has every title every made. That’s not the case, as I found out recently when I tried an experiment with part of my 45s collection from the 70s. I struck out with several songs at Yahoo and Rhapsody; Ted Cohen at EMI later found some of them for sale for me at iTunes. The Journal explains the “case of the missing music” and why back catalogs are harder to find than pop singles. Publishing rights are the most obvious reasons but label strategy is another culprit singled out by Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry, a little tough to understand since back-label download sales and licensing rights are “found money” as they explain. Also includes a good explanation of the process by Rhapsody’s Tim Quirk formerly of and once a pop-punk vocalist.