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SideTrack Now Supports Latest PowerBooks

Ever since I started using Mac portables, I have been using Raging Menace Software’s SideTrack. Just in case you are unfamiliar with this program, SideTrack is a replacement driver for the track-pad on either iBooks or PowerBooks which allows much greater control over what you can do with your track-pad. Long before Apple introduced the two finger scrolling on PowerBooks (and very recently, iBooks), SideTrack allowed users to scroll using the track-pad. For me, however, and I am sure many other users of Apple portables is the ability to create a track-pad gesture that brings up the contextual menu (right click/control click).

However, with the introduction of the new PowerBooks in January, SideTrack was no longer compatible. This was due to the fact that Apple chose to switch from an ADB connected track-pad to a USB connected track-pad. Because of this, Raging Menace was forces to re-write SideTrack to allow support for the latest hardware.

Being the owner of a January 2005 PowerBook, I was horribly disappointed when I found this out. I was surfing around just now, and something drove me to check the Raging Menace site. Much to my surprise, SideTrack had been updated to support my machine! My jubilation was great as I downloaded and installed my old friend.