Jeff’s mobile phone ideas, and mine… not quite the same

Jeff Nolan lists ten reasons why he doesn’t agree with my previous post about mobile phone as a computer. He hasn’t found a phone he loves. Not sure about his requirements, but plenty of people who love their 6600/6682, RAZR and what not.

Text messaging issues? Jeff, you and I are not, repeat not from the thumb-generation. Decent size display in small form factor? Don’t know what he means, but the Nokia/LG/Samsung phones all have more than decent displays. Unless of course he is looking for a PDA.

Mobile web, I am with him on that point. Silicon Valley connection issues? Blame it on the rich-and-famous who scream when cell towers go up. No surprise service sucks. (Tech god’s revenge perhaps?) When Jeff says, “Good handsets ain’t cheap, it’s pretty easy to spend $500 for a top line phone that has way less utility than a $500 personal computer,” he is still looking at it a phone from the PC eyes.


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