Technorati goes mobile, why?


Given that their browser based search is still a bit of hit and a miss, it is tough to figure out how they improve the Technorati experience on the mobile phone. As I said in my previous post, Technorati optimized for Palm Treo (how of many of these clunkers are out there anyway?) is reflective of mobile computer mentality. Russell and I are on the same page – if its not good enough why launch it. Take your time and figure out things like that there are about 29 million Symbian phones out there – that’s 28 million more than Treo’s. Bigger question – how much search I want to do on my admittedly slower connection? Not much. I will take MobileRSS, thank you very much.


Om Malik

hmmmm…. i am still thinking this is not a well thought out and poorly executed idea. anyway i hope they get it right

Kevin Burton

The other side of the equation is that it was probably an easy feature to add.

Writing a few templates to produce HTML for thin clients is easy.

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