Tablet PC Show #18 is here!


The Tablet PC Show #18 (MP3 – 19.0MB – 55min)

Join Marc and I for Tablet PC Show #18 where you’ll find some fun and hopefully interesting talk about all things Tablet PC. We examine the social factors that sometimes become a barrier to adoption of mobile technology such as the Tablet PC. A quick discussion about speech recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking including how this technology is a boon for the disabled who cannot otherwise operate a PC. This show we introduce a new segment (OK we made this up on the fly) and name our pick for Tablet PC site of the week. Enjoy the show and let us know what you like and dislike about the show, topic suggestions and also your pick for a future Tablet PC site of the week. Thanks to One Egg Ticket for the great music!

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick & Marc Orchant

Happy Birthday to Marc!
Why is duct tape like the force?
JK’s headset woes (pardon the aggravating audio)

05:50 Social ramifications of mobile technology

Eric Mack conversation

Speech is the NBT

14:10 ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Adaptive speech pattern learning
Correcting dictation via speech
Speech recognition for the disabled

26:25 Message from The Podcast Network

27:30 Greg Hughes to appear on the show!

ThinkPad X41T Tablet PC
Pointy stick vs. trackpads

32:30 Chris Pirillo points to a new PowerToy

SyncToy White Paper

Send to OneNote 2003 in the Education Pack

38:20 Motion LE1600 convertible keyboard

Rob Bushway’s review

45:00 Thanks to the wonderful Tablet PC community for all you do

47:50 Josh Bancroft tries to convince his SO he needs a Tablet PC

49:00 New segment- The Tablet PC Show’s site of the week!

The Student Tablet PC Blog
Tracy Hooten & Trevor Claiborne’s great website for Tablet PC information
How to scan textbooks into the Tablet PC
Don’t miss their forums!
Let us know your pick for Tablet PC site of the week

53:30 Wrap up


Trevor Claiborne

Putting it all together you’re looking at just under 6 pounds. That’s actually why I’m not particularly concerned about it not clipping on the back. If I wanted to carry around a 6 pound tablet in the crook of my arm, I’d have bought a Tecra M4.

As it is now, I put the keyboard in my bag instead of clipping it on the back. Works very well and keeps the weight out of my hands.


Thanks for clearing that up Trevor. I could live with clipping it to the front as it would protect the screen during transport. It must be a pain having to remove the keyboard to use the slate though. How much does the slate plus extended battery plus keyboard weigh?

Trevor Claiborne

I can clarify the LE1600 + CK + Extended battery issue.

You can absolutely use the LE with the extended battery and keyboard together. I’m typing this right now on my convertible keyboard.

The only limitation is that you cannot clip the CK on the back of the LE with the battery. You can still clip it to the front which works very well for transport.

(can you tell I’m listening right now?)

Trevor Claiborne

I think we are not seeing any issues with the X41T yet is because no one has one yet.

Looking at the Lenovo forum on the Buzz, only a handful of people have received their machines yet.

Hopefully, it will be without issues though.


Thanks for the kind words and publicity, JK and Marc. It really means a lot coming from y’all!

(And I’m glad I got around to updating things yesterday! lol)

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