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I am testing the BlogJet program for creating blog posts offline for upload at a later time. BlogJet looks really nice since it works with just about every blogging service out there (TypePad included) and most importantly lets me include graphic smileys!    I have used the program in the past but got away from it due to some early incompatibility problems with my particular setup but I think this current version (1.5) will work OK.  I also like the integrated spell check which is a big plus for me.  The latest TypePad upgrade broke the Google Toolbar spell check option in the TypePad rich text editor so this will let me edit in WYSIWYG and still spell check.  Check out the attached voice note that BlogJet makes very easy to do.  Not something I’m likely to use every day but it’s pretty cool. 



Jeff Singfiel

I’ve been trying BlogJet for a little over their 30-day trial period (if you down load the 1.6 Beta it resets the trial counter).
It has a lot of great features, including “BlogJetThis” support for IE and Firefox.

I continue to have trouble with the FTP upload feature, but not for lack of customer support. Dmitry has been great.

I really want a reason to buy this program, but aside fromt he BlogJetThis and the FTP uploading feature, it doesn’t do a lot more than Outlook does. I can write posts in Outlook and post through email. Am I missing something?


I’m trying out w.bloggar (wbloggar.com) right now since I get tired of that little window typepad gives you. It’s pretty rich, just no smilies or voice ^_^. It’s also works with TypePad, and I think I might like it better than BlogJet (but it’s been a while since I tried BlogJet).

Might want to check it out, if you get a chance. Let me know what you think.

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