Rob Bushway’s thoughts on the LE1600 keyboard


There is little doubt the Motion LE1600 Tablet PC is one of the most capable slate Tablets available today and anyone who has followed Tablet MVP Rob Bushway’s journey with his LE1600 can see how great the device is.  Rob has chronicled his experience with the new Motion from the delivery by FedEx to a full review of the LE1600.  Of particular interest to many, well certainly to me, is how the new convertible keyboard holds up in daily use.  While slates are intended to be used strictly with the pen, Motion produces a convertible keyboard that is easy to carry with the LE1600 for those times when you need a full keyboard.  Rob has been using this keyboard for a while and he has penned his thoughts on using the keyboard for those who are curious.  It is apparent Rob likes the keyboard overall with some minor exceptions he has noted.  The biggest problem I think I would have with this keyboard is the inability to attach it to the back of the slate for transport with the extended battery attached.  How can any OEM make such a poor design decision such as that?

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