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MSFT Analyst Day: XBox and Digital Home

At MSFT’s analyst day today, Robbie Bach
Senior VP, Chief Xbox Officer, Home and Entertainment Division, gave a bunch of details on the future of Xbox: “Over the next 10 years, there is a revolution that’s going to take place in TV moving to 16-by-9 screens and moving to high-definition format. And Xbox 360 is going to be a driving application for people to get high-definition television. Every Xbox 360 game will play on a regular TV, but they will all also support high-definition TV, and once you see a game in high definition, you never want to go back…every Xbox 360 will be what’s called a Media Center Extender, and that means if you have content on your Media Center in the home and you have a network, you’ll be able to play that content on your Xbox on the TV that the Xbox is connected to, which gives you the ability to distribute your music, your photos, your video, throughout the home. You’ll also be able to take a camera, a digital camera, a digital music player, plug it into an Xbox 360, see your photos, play your music.”