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MSFT Analyst Day: RSS in New OS

At MSFT’s analyst day today, Will Poole, Senior VP of Windows Client gave a bunch of details on how RSS will be integrated within the new OS, Windows Vista: “RSS isn’t just about big major newspapers. They’re about people and their blogs. Here’s a blog of a friend of mine, a photo blog. You can see pictures of the family, even some videos incorporated into them. We can take a look at the RSS feed as well. It’s going to do a nice job of laying that out. I can add this to my local store of RSS feeds so I’m subscribing to this site. And then there’s the ability for applications to use these types of feeds.

One example might be creating a slide show or a screen saver based on this blog. I’m going to kick off that experience here. So what it’s doing is it’s pulling the photos from that blog and the videos from that blog and giving a very beautiful, a very nice experience. This is an example of an application using the RSS platform features within Windows Vista. What a great way for families to stay together and stay connected.”