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MSFT Analyst Day: IPTV Plans

At MSFT’s analyst day today, Robbie Bach
Senior VP, Chief Xbox Officer, Home and Entertainment Division, gave a bunch of details on Microsoft’s controversial IPTV plans (down the page): “When we talk about IPTV, we also think it’s going to be a better TV experience. Something as simple as instant channel changing, as fast as I can click the remote control, I can flip through and surf through all of those channels. And one of the things that we found, working closely with cable operators, is really with the architecture that they have, that broadcast-oriented architecture, they’re never going to be able to deliver instant channel changing. It’s really the power of taking advantage of that two-way broadband connection and software to enable something that really helps deliver that great experience…It’s going to take time; we have to go through trials with each of these guys, and you have to roll out in test markets and then roll out into the broader marketplace, but all the right things are in place. The broadband technology is getting into place, we have motivated partners that are excited about the technology, we have good foundations.”