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Microsoft’s Analyst Day: More Acquisitions; Internet Growth Strategy

Microsoft has its analyst day today and a bunch of news coming out of it. All the information possible is here, in its archives webcasts with PPT presentations and conviniently, transcripts.. Check out the MSN, Mobile, and XBox division’s presentations for everything related to digital media.

Among them:

MSFT expects to acquire companies in the price range of $300 million to $500 million and may buy some in the $1 billion to $2 billion range. A “big blockbuster” is also not out of order.

FT: Besides existing services such as internet search and the Xbox Live online games service, new areas of interest were likely to involve communications, web-based storage and tools to help workers collaborate better…They were also likely to extend beyond its MSN internet service to include new ways of generating income for the company’s Windows and Office divisions.