Just Thinking…


I wonder what OS X will be offering at the end of 2006…



Hey, maybe they have more or less up to date drivers in Vista. That would be a killer feature.
You gotta make up something for the press release..

Nick Santilli


lol, your comment made me remember something a good friend from college always says,
“You can’t polish a turd.”

yeah. Will be interesting to see what the real reasons to buy Vista are. They’ve cutr and cut and cut things from the final release, and they still can’t seem to deliver when they want.

Jason Terhorst

Let me just ask this: what is there in Vista that anyone will want to buy?? I mean, they’ve taken out all of the things that were actually worthwhile. Right now, it’s just a “pretty” new face, and more nonsense that the developers have to re-learn. Painting pretty pictures on crap still makes it crap.

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