iTunes Podcasting Wishlist

iTunes 4.9 has changed my life. (Okay, not my ENTIRE life, but a large part of it). I’m totally digging these podcast things, and iTunes makes it easy and simple to download new episodes and sync them with my iPod. However, there are a few issues that constantly bug me:
– There is no way to easily go to a podcast’s home page, or to its page in the iTMS.
– Descriptions of episodes and podcasts in general are hard to read, and often cut off.
– When browsing the music store, unless one is looking through featured shows, there is no way to get more information about a podcast other that either googling the name, or choosing to listen to an episode.
– There is no easy way to view show-notes.
Am I the only one with these gripes? These are things that don’t seem like they would be too hard to implement. Hopefully Apple will address at least some of these issues in their next major iTunes release, iTunes 5.0


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