France augments Livebox home service


France Telecom is making a concerted effort to converge home communications and entertainment services into the Livebox service that has been available to customers for some time.  They recently announced the addition of "Liveservices" which adds a WiFi-based cordless home phone to the internet, telephone and television services that comprise the LIvebox offering.  The cordless phone device is called Livephone and uses a wireless link to Livebox’s Internet connection to provide cheap phone calls and other services. to subscribers.  The Livephone uses a connection to the user’s address book (web based) to find and dial numbers, and will also tell users if they have new email, display weather, traffic and news on the phone.  All of this can be accomplished without turning on a PC.  This is an excellent package for customers of France Telecom and is a big step on the way to total convergence in the home for communications and entertainment.

(via ITtoolbox)

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