Beautiful People, Not Smart Doesn’t Mean Smart

YPulse points to yet another social networking site, gasp…. for Beautiful People. Beautiful People got itself coverage in USA Today. Don’t bother visiting the site with any of these browsers – Safari, Camino and Firefox – i.e., the browsers of choice for the smart set. Message: is only supported by Internet Explorer. What’s that stereotype about beautiful and dumb?

> The criteria are shamelessly superficial: a recent photograph (bikinis and bare biceps encouraged) and body statistics. Is your six-pack more of a two-pack? The site also accepts “people with personal/professional qualities that stand out from the majority” — like “Sandhill,” an entrepreneur with a goofy grin who says his income is $1 million-plus. (USA Today)

And to counteract the utter dumbness, O’Reilly people have launched their own geek-oriented social network, Connection. Tony Perkins and Marc Canter are doing GoingOn, a meta-SN, while others have decided that $580 million is not too much for a music-hook-up oriented social network. Clearly, we are in middle of a social network mania.