USB Copy Cruiser Plus- copy files without a computer


UccpAlera Technologies announced the availability of the USB Copy Cruiser Plus (UCCP) that provides a direct USB to USB connection between two devices eliminating the need to connect either device to a computer to copy files back and forth.  The UCCP has two standard USB 2.0 ports and an 8 in 1 memory card reader integrated into the device.  There is a large LCD screen that provides information about the free space on both connected devices and progress information for data transfers.  The UCCP fits in your hand and is powered by 3 AAA batteries that last about 6 hours.  This is a really cool way to transfer files easily between a digital camera and a computer or other USB devices since it uses the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) for image transfers without needing additional drivers.

The USB Copy Cruiser Plus has an estimated street price of $80 and can read CF (Type I and II), SD, SM, MMC, MS, MSPRO and MD cards using the readers.

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