Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 reviewed


Sl5500runitSo what’s the big news about a new review of the several years old Sharp Zaurus SL-5500?  The SL-5500 is antiquated by today’s PDA standards and even Sharp has released a couple of later models of the Linux-based PDA.  Readers may be interested in the Sharp SL-5500 because it is a very capable PDA that is available at for $140 (refurbished, use promo code LINUXPDA).  Tux:Tops has published a new review of the Zaurus from the viewpoint of what consumers expect out of their PDAs today to determine if the cheap price of the SL-5500 makes it worth considering.  The review has a lot of pictures and gives an in-depth look at the areas in which the SL-5500 both shines and falls short so an informed decision can be made by prospective customers wanting a cheap but capable PDA.  The author’s findings may surprise some people:

So, for the kind of money Zaurus SL-5500 is offered these days, I would still get the Zaurus over the Zire 31 any time. Coupling the Zaurus with some of TheKompany’s software makes it a worthwhile purchase, even in 2005.



Nice review, though the statement “Linux’s power management is very primitive” does not apply to current PDA and smartphone models. For instance, my Zaurus SL-C3000 (4 gig hard drive, VGA screen) usually gives me 8 hours of battery life when used as a micro-laptop. OK, surfing with wi-fi does halve the battery life, but on the other hand I get 12 hours or more when I use it as an MP3 player (screen turned off).

The 5500 was my first Zaurus, and despite the rough edges I was very satisfied with it. The build quality is very high – I’ve lost count of the times I’ve dropped it or exposed it to the pretty rough climate we have here in Norway, and after three years it’s still in perfect working order (I am now trying to convince my wife to use it… ;-)

Steve Truesdale

Argh – now you are providing more fuel for my leanings toward a Zaurus – since my Clie MS slot has died on me!!

There has been a sudden glut of these dropped onto ebay as well, so I could easily get one for $100 or less!

Looks like someone must be dumping their excess inventory.

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