Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 reviewed

Sl5500runitSo what’s the big news about a new review of the several years old Sharp Zaurus SL-5500?  The SL-5500 is antiquated by today’s PDA standards and even Sharp has released a couple of later models of the Linux-based PDA.  Readers may be interested in the Sharp SL-5500 because it is a very capable PDA that is available at for $140 (refurbished, use promo code LINUXPDA).  Tux:Tops has published a new review of the Zaurus from the viewpoint of what consumers expect out of their PDAs today to determine if the cheap price of the SL-5500 makes it worth considering.  The review has a lot of pictures and gives an in-depth look at the areas in which the SL-5500 both shines and falls short so an informed decision can be made by prospective customers wanting a cheap but capable PDA.  The author’s findings may surprise some people:

So, for the kind of money Zaurus SL-5500 is offered these days, I would still get the Zaurus over the Zire 31 any time. Coupling the Zaurus with some of TheKompany’s software makes it a worthwhile purchase, even in 2005.


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