What Types of Business People need a Tablet PC?


The Shared Spaces weblog is an incredible source of information that gives a lot of useful information to help anyone achieve greater productivity, particularly in the area of computing technology.  Michael Sampson is the productivity guru behind Shared Spaces and is an expert on team collaboration tools.  You may have seen examples of Michael’s work on Eric Mack’s blog as they teamed up in the digital sandbox a few weeks ago to have geek fun.  Michael has a Toshiba Tecra M4 just like Eric’s. 

Michael has published an excellent article on Shared Spaces titled "What Types of Business People can Benefit from a Tablet PC?".  The article lays out five types of business professionals that will benefit from the pen input of a Tablet PC and explains clearly why it is so.  Great article for anyone on the fence about incorporating a Tablet PC into their work style.

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