Warcraft gives peace a chance

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Okay that is not true, but Netcraft reports that the wildly popular World of Warcraft online game is having a big of a meltdown, (what in real world would be a heat wave in the Eastern US), and the site was offline for most of
Tuesday. The official reason – maintenance. There are 3.5 million gamers who subscribe to this game, with nearly 1.5 million in China alone. Clearly this online gaming is not easy – ask 45 engineers who work around the clock to keep EverQuest humming like a finely tuned Ferrari.

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Jesse Kopelman

1.5 Million in China. This is a big story that I haven’t heard before. Probably a good sign that the Maoist regime’s days are very numbered. We need to start geting the “Muslim world” into this type of stuff. No time for fundamentalism when you are role playing 20 hours a day.

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