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You are looking at techADDICTION #17, the show for those who can’t get enough of gadgets and mobile devices. Kevin and I have a good conversation about mobile power options, Internet appliances, Bluetooth stereo headsets and cool Konfabulator widgets (or is it Yahoo! widgets?). Join us and feel the geek love.   Thanks to One Egg Ticket for the sweet theme music!

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick & Kevin Tofel

01:45 Tekkeon portable battery pack

05:45 AquaPad+

Pepper Pad
Linspire notebook from Walmart

11:05 Konfabulator goes Yahoo!

systemDashboard widgets

16:00 Avant Go upgraded

20:25 Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 confirmed

Motion LS800

25:20 Motorola Q

30:45 Computer-on-a-stick

35:30 Security mouse

37:40 Plantronics DSP-400 headset

Plantronics Pulsar 590 Bluetooth stereo headset

42:15 Sony updating the U?

44:00 Vote for Dave’s Podcast for the Podcast awards!

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46:00 Wrap up



Len, glad you liked the show! Thanks for letting us know why you like Avant Go. Like we said on the podcast I was sure that users were getting good use out of it and it’s great to hear how you use it.

Kevin was an admin on PPC Tools but he didn’t do the VGA app you’re thinking of. MyVGA was written by hugbug.

Len Egan

Again the show was great! I have a couple of comments about it.

First, I use the Audiovox XV6600 pocket pc phone. Like James, I was very skeptical about convergance. I had used both the Toshiba E-805 and the Dell Axim X50v. The VGA was great, but the opportunity to get EVDO on my pocket pc is FAR more important to me than the VGA.

Sure the screen resolution in VGA allows you to view more. For James, the ability to view more of a spreadsheet is important, but most people don;t use spreadsheets as much as James. QVGA is just fine for basic email and browsing on the Go. I’ve ditched my GPS because I can simply do a mapquest with my EVDO wherever I am. It doesn’t automatically change my route if I get lost, but another quick search takes care of that.

The bottom line is that EVDO far outweighed VGA in my mind. I would love to have both, but for now, it’ll do. Remember…lighter is better!

By the way, much has been made of skyping with the samsung I-730. I have had the ability to do it with my Audiovox for several months!

Second, I still do use Avantgo every day. While I also use Newsbreak for RSS, I like the fact that I can read a news item, stop to do something else, and then go back to it just where I left off. No the items are not always as “current” as my RSS feeds, but I don’t have to tap “read more online” to get the meat of the story. It is right there. Avantgo has also evolved over the years. It now is not using PIE and I also have the ability to browse online as well as off. They have channels that will tell me updated flight information, weather, sports, etc. I can also configure it to update itself on a regular basis.

I read Reuters, The sporting News, CNET and created my own channels for PPC Thoughts, Engadget, CECity, Aximsite and more. Now with EVDO, I can read offline or online. I never Sync it with my laptop. I sync it wirelessly using EVDO. It’s just great.

Avantgo, for me, has become much better than the old dud of an app that we all loved and then hated. give it another chance if you have a PPC device.

By the way, I know you guys love EVDO for your tablets. I must say that EVDO has changed pocket pc forever! Forget the fact that my device is a phone for a moment. The fact that that I can go online, anytime, anywhere on my pocket pc is huge! HUGE! VGA or QVGA, the ability to do that renders WiFi obsolete. Imagine that! I could care less about WiMax. Give me my EVDO!

It finally dawned on me where I heard Kevin’s name before…Pocket PC Tools. From back in the days when the Toshiba E-805 was the first VGA device. Didn’t he develop the app to use REAL VGA?

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