techADDICTION Show #17 – better listen!

The techADDICTION Show #17 (MP3 – 16.1MB – 47min)


You are looking at techADDICTION #17, the show for those who can’t get enough of gadgets and mobile devices. Kevin and I have a good conversation about mobile power options, Internet appliances, Bluetooth stereo headsets and cool Konfabulator widgets (or is it Yahoo! widgets?). Join us and feel the geek love.   Thanks to One Egg Ticket for the sweet theme music!

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick & Kevin Tofel

01:45 Tekkeon portable battery pack

05:45 AquaPad+

Pepper Pad
Linspire notebook from Walmart

11:05 Konfabulator goes Yahoo!

systemDashboard widgets

16:00 Avant Go upgraded

20:25 Fujitsu LifeBook P1510 confirmed

Motion LS800

25:20 Motorola Q

30:45 Computer-on-a-stick

35:30 Security mouse

37:40 Plantronics DSP-400 headset

Plantronics Pulsar 590 Bluetooth stereo headset

42:15 Sony updating the U?

44:00 Vote for Dave’s Podcast for the Podcast awards!

Watch for an announcement from techADDICTION soon

46:00 Wrap up


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