Tablet PCs to grow or go away?


Checking through the RSS feeds this morning I found something that shows how hard it is to predict the future of a given technology:

TechWeb:  Tablet PC Faces Uncertain Future, Analyst Says

The article quotes the In-Stat report that has been mentioned this week on numerous web site that basically gives a fairly dim outlook on the future of the Tablet PC as a viable platform.  They mention that the entrance of an Ultra Mobile PC as demonstrated by Bill Gates at WinHEC could play a factor.

TechWeb:  Tablet PCs Headed For Broader Use, Study Says

I find this amusing since this article which has a very positive outlook on the future of the Tablet PC was written by the same tech media organization.  The study that is mentioned in the article, the same In-Stat study, predicts $5.4 billion in sales of Tablet PCs by 2009.  I happen to believe this article rather than the former.  I guess it’s how you interpret the numbers.

Register:  Tablet PC biz to see Vista-driven boom

This article in The Register, a site normally none too kind on the Tablet PC, claims that Tablet PC sales will see a boom when WindowsVista is released.  The really amusing thing about this article is it uses the same In-Stat study as the basis for this prediction.


Fahad Fateh

I want them to stay for the following reasons.

Ergonomics. You dont have to use a mouse or a keyboard. Can be easily held in one hand which allows its use any where.

The tablet form factor is very cool.

Inking capability with large input area is undenaibly useful, esp. for those who are mobile, for students and for digital artists.

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