New Gizmo Project Beta: Encrypted Calls!


On the heels of its first beta release which we covered a few weeks back, a new Beta version of the Mac OS X Gizmo Project is out. Among one of its more notable new features, is support for encryption of Gizmo-to-Gizmo calls, which further helps cement it as a far more compelling alternative to Skype for online calling.

Question to Gizmo developers: are you by any chance following the SRTP protocol to achieve encryption? If that is the case, it’ll likely mean that vendors of SIP-capable handheld devices, and other SIP systems and software will also be able to conduct encrypted conversations with Gizmo users, while Skype’s closed encryption-enabled ecosystem will slowly but surely drift to the obsolete fringe.

From the Read Me file:

What’s New:

More background on SIP and the Gizmo Project:

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