New Gizmo Project Beta: Encrypted Calls!


On the heels of its first beta release which we covered a few weeks back, a new Beta version of the Mac OS X Gizmo Project is out. Among one of its more notable new features, is support for encryption of Gizmo-to-Gizmo calls, which further helps cement it as a far more compelling alternative to Skype for online calling.

Question to Gizmo developers: are you by any chance following the SRTP protocol to achieve encryption? If that is the case, it’ll likely mean that vendors of SIP-capable handheld devices, and other SIP systems and software will also be able to conduct encrypted conversations with Gizmo users, while Skype’s closed encryption-enabled ecosystem will slowly but surely drift to the obsolete fringe.

From the Read Me file:

What’s New:

  • Sound Emoticons – Add sound effects to your calls. Open the Dialpad at the bottom of the Gizmo Project window and press the emoticon buttons during a call. You can choose other sounds from the Preferences window.
  • Address Book Import – Select “Import from Address Book” from the Contacts menu and import contacts quickly and easily.
  • Call Encryption – Calls between two Gizmo Project clients will be digitally encrypted. A lock icon will display when encryption is enabled
  • System Menu/Dock Menu – The Gizmo Project gear will now appear in the menu bar allowing you to quickly make calls or change your online status. These features have also been added to the Dock menu.
  • Call Forwarding – Forward your calls to an alternate gizmo account or a telephone number.
  • Automatic Answer – Set Gizmo Project to automatically answer incoming calls. This could be useful as a baby monitor!
  • Volume controls – The Audio panel in the Preferences window now has sliders for setting microphone and speaker volumes.
  • Website links – Gizmo Project will now register for “sip” and “gizmoproject” urls. An example call link would be gizmoproject://call?id=mygizmoid&subject=hello (editor’s note: I’ve tested this, it works, you’ll likely want to restart for the links to work correctly. For a SIP address, you would use
More background on SIP and the Gizmo Project:

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