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Good And Bad News For Mobile Music

A survey by The Leading Question on music piracy unearthed some interesting statistics concerning mobile music…”A third planned to buy a dedicated MP3 player, while just 8% said they would be buying an MP3-enabled phone…Reasons cited for not purchasing a music playing phone included worries about battery life and concerns about losing the handset, and potentially their music collection.” The fast replacement cycle of mobile phones also counted against the service. This makes sense and argues against the idea that downloading songs over the mobile network will be a main driver for music sales. The services most likely to succeed will at the very least include sending the song to a users computer at the same time as they download it to their mobile. Also, an easy way to transfer content from old handset to new is required, despite the labels fear of rampant piracy.
However, some good news: “There is a huge potential market for MP3 phones. The survey found that 38% were interested in downloading full tracks to their mobile phones…And people are happy with the storage possibilities of phones with only 4% wanting to store more than 1,000 songs to take on holiday.”
There is some discrepancy between the two stats concerning MP3-enable phones, which has a number of possible explanations. First, far more people have a mobile phone than an MP3-player, and the difference between buying a device and replacing a device is significant. Second, although people may not actively choose to buy an MP3-enabled phone they may be quite happy to use the service if the handset has it. It may not be their primary music device, but they may keep a few of their favorite songs on it. (via BillboardPostPlay)
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