FCC Commish says DSL information service, like cable broadband


This should not come as a suprise to anyone. Kevin Martin has always come on the Bell side of the equation. He calls it leveling the playing field. “The lack of regulatory parity between telecoms and cable is inhibiting broadband growth,” Martin says. Nearly a million new DSL users in the most recent quarter – that sounds a bit off color.


Jesse Kopelman

Frank, I agree with you. The only thing to add is that this crap did not start with Martin or Powell. The FCC is and has always been about politics, plain and simple. As long a corporations hold so much influence in the political process, the FCC will never be on the side of the public.

Frank Muto

Mr. Martin is nothing but a pawn in the Bush administration, that is in pay-back mode during the lame duck second term of the Bush administration.

Just follow the money and you will understand. It is payback time for the millions of dollars the Telcos’ poured into the Republican party.

However, this side of Martin is ironic to the sad sob stories he was just telling us back in late Fall of 2004. Of how he was being badly beaten up by
his partisan fellows, for standing up for competition apart from the Telco’s. But this was all show for what was yet to come as the evil twin of Michael Powell.

Now he has flipped over and showing his true self. This is a personal payback for his political party just like his predecessor Michael Powell. Just like his fellow ex-chairman, Martin [is] taking this personal and not what is best for the American public.

The main issue I have with this as others do, is that it is 180 degress off on telecom law. Sec 10 [47 U.S.C. 160] (b) states that any changes must be done to enhance and promote competition among providers of telecommunications services.

How will this be accomplished if by changing DSL to an information service, it will effectively kill off any competition from any other ISP or telcom service provider offering DSL now and in the future.

Can we actually believe that our Nation’s leaders and agencies are willing to sacrifice the choices of millions of end users for a few companies and
their stockholders? If they were so good at what they did, they would not have to beg the mercy of the courts and federal agencies to disallow the
rights of common carriage to others.

If the Nations leaders want to see pure competition, then let the Telco’s EARN their customers business instead of it being forced down their throats like a feed tube.

The country is being held hostage by the Telco’s and yes, we are bowing down to the terrorists of the Telco regime.

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