AOL launches MyAOL beta, Feedster to do RSS search

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America Online is one step closer in its bid to transform itself from a dial-up ISP into a content powerhouse. The company has just announced MyAOL (it must be 1999, Yahoo people are thinking.) The most exciting part of the news is that they are taking RSS mainstream. Yup – right out of the elites into the AOLplanet. Yahoo, Ask Jeeves (via Bloglines) and supposedly Google are already making RSS part of their future, and now even AOL has signed up. (As they say, the clock is ticking on them RSS aggregators.) AOL has teamed up with Feedster and will use its technology for MyAOL users to search and subscribe to publisher-specific and topic-based feeds that relate to their interests. The new site will also allow folks to subscribe and read RSS feeds. This is also a good day for RSS spammers, who can now find gullible clickers amongst the AOL hordes. Going back to that step-closer remark, they are still amillion miles away from where they need to be.

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Thanks for the report. Interesting to see AOL making the RSS move. Now that the RSS Fund has been established, I imagine everyone will be doing RSS to be in vogue, but how many will truly have a good business model behind an RSS play? Is this dot com redux?

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