New iBooks and Macs mini


Pretty much old news now, but in case you haven’t heard, Apple have announced new iBooks – all packing half a gig of RAM (a sweet addition), AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0, amongst other things – and new Mac minis, which also sport half a gig of RAM out of the box.

The extensive analysis can come in due course, but 512MB RAM is something of a requirement for machines running Tiger – Dashboard, Spotlight, probably the new widgets for Mail – all of these take up a bit of memory, and the result is that a machine with what used to be enough (384MB, as I can personally attest) is now a little prone to swapping. I could say “kudos” to Apple, but I think “about bloody time” might be a little more appropriate.

There’s little else of particularly great interest, save that the SuperDrive Mac mini now has a model number and will thus be officially stocked in Apple shops and those of resellers, rather than being a BTO option.



The Superdrive Mac mini had a model number and was stocked in Apple Stores. The old model was M9971LL/A. They weren’t listed on the instore cards, but they had them in the back. The new model is M9971LL/B, and doesn’t contain a modem, like the M9971LL/A did. And is $150 less.


I would say these updates dont do much as 32 mb Video ram is still there and that is not enough to run tiger’s core image and video. One of the updates that are good is the s.m.s. and the 2finger scroll on the iBook’s.

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