FCC offers 30-day extension on e911 to VoIP providers

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The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau announced a 30-day extension of its new rules governing enhanced 911 (E911) capability by VoIP providers. The Bureau has determined that it will not initiate enforcement action, until August 30, 2005, against any provider of interconnected VoIP service regarding the requirement that it obtain affirmative acknowledgement by every existing subscriber on the condition that the provider file a detailed report with the Commission by August 10, 2005. More details here. The move clearly shows that the FCC had set an unrealistic deadline for the e911 implementation and most carriers have been scrambling to get up to speed. FCC order on e911.

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Jesse Kopelman

Meet the new E911, same as the old E911. The FCC has pretty much proven themselves incapable of playing the lead on this. With PSTN it was easy — same core network and protocols everywhere. In non-homogenous environments life hasn’t been so nice.

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