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Yahoo Buys Desktop App Software Company

Yahoo has bought a desktop application software/application company called Konfabulator. The Palo Alto-based 3-person software maker has a small desktop software that can be tweaked to monitor the weather, stock prices and a wealth of other customized information. (We’ve covered Serence, a Canadian-company which develops very similar apps called Klipfolio…wonder if it will be next in this me-too portal buyout war. There are a bunch of others too..)

The company had built a cult following since it first introduced these “widgets” (geek-speak for these customizable dektop apps) for Apple’s Mac in 2002. Apple liked the concept so much that it includes a widgets dashboard in the Mac’s operating system.

The widgets are designed to make it easy for outsiders to develop and share new applications – a concept that Yahoo wants to encourage as it experiments with new ways to make the wealth of information on its site more useful, the rationale goes.

SiliconBeat: Konfabulator, which has cost $19.95 until now, will be a free download and come bundled with widgets that allow users to directly access Yahoo services such as weather, finance and Web search…now the company is looking beyond the desktop computer and foresees making versions of the software for TiVo boxes, mobile phones and other devices.

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