What’s Yahoo’s Angle?


So by now you’ve all heard, right? Yahoo! bought Konfabulator. They’ll be offering it for free (refunds to those who paid for Version 2.0) to anyone who wants it. And yes, OS X development has been confirmed to continue. So what’s the angle here?

Yahoo is obviously in a fight for Search Dominanace with Google, but this move baffles me – what value does Yahoo see in Konfabulator? What makes it worth purchasing the company/application and giving it away?

Users of Apple’s Tiger already have Dashboard built into the operating system (love it or hate it). I’ve got both Konfabulator and Dashboard on my system. I rarely use either one, though when I do, it’s usually Dashboard, because it’s already running. Yahoo may not be worried about the smaller (but rapidly expanding) percentage of Mac users out there, but times are changing…

So that leaves the Windows platform. I guess we’ll wait and see what further power-plays Yahoo has up their sleeve. If you’re smarter than I – don’t go patting yourself on the back there – then please enlighten me (and the rest of the readers here).

But good for the Konfabulator developers. I’m sure they’ve felt a bit of pressure every since Tiger and Dashboard were announced. And while I’m sure there were diehards and devoted patrons out there – not to mention the new customers on the Windows platform – it’s probably been a bumpy ride for Arlo Rose and the gang. Yahoo has kept Flickr true to its roots. Hopefully they’ll do the same with Konfabulator.



I would say that Dashboard use less power as Konfabulator opens a new instance for evry widget that cinda sux the power from the machine. but as you said Konfabulator have alot of good sides aswell, but that wont make normal users get it as they have dashboard on their machines already and they actually dont care or understand how widgets are built, and if Dashboard use 4% more processor they wouldent know or bother to care.

And what i said about widgets in Dashboard i meant that Yahoo would probably save some money doing that this would mean they dont have to go on improving the Apple Konfabulator as they can use Dashboard.


Konfabulator has its advantages over Dashboard. If you want to run a widget on the desktop then Konfabulator is much better suited for that since you can adjust the drawing layer the widget lives in. Also Konfabulator can be used to make widgets with any GUI. I built one of these to collect the contents of the clipboard and save them into a text file (a friend then built a GUI and we released it as Clipboard Collector). Konfabulator widgets also use few system resources from what I have seen.

About the Konfabulator widget need to work in Dashboard comment: no they don’t. They are two completely different implementations of the same basic idea. I prefer the way Konfabulator widgets are built since the code and the graphics are separated better than they are in Dashboard widgets. The system used for the placing of the graphics is also a lot cleaner than using HTML and CSS IMHO.

Dan Bruno

I bet Yahoo saw what Apple did with Dashboard on Mac and want to fill that gap on the PC. Between their name recognition and offering Konfabulator for free, they could probably get pretty good market saturation.


They have to have some plans for this dont ask me what. But why spend money on developing something that already is developed by a huge company (Dashboard that is) i can understand they want the windows users. It would be better to make shure that u can use konfibulator widgets in Dashboard. that would make it much cheaper.

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