The Big Blogger PR Brouhaha


First bloggers wanted to be put on the same playing field as mainstream media. Sure, good idea. But now complaining about PR pitches, embargoes and all that stuff – welcome to the level playing field – and get used to it. I get pitched 50 times a day. That’s about 1500 times a month – and one is a blockbuster. PR happens – some of it great, some of it bad, and some of it shoddy. external link



I pitch is an invitation for comment, and it’s not something I complain about. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to break news on a new product, or to be first to “press” – I INVITE contact from PR firms on any blogs I work on that are appropriate.

Anita Campbell

I don’t mind in the least when I get pitched, and I always try to cut those pitching some slack.

I suppose I am like many bloggers. If it weren’t for my blog, 99% of those contacting me, wouldn’t bother.


As a blogger, if you are being pitched by PR folks, consider it a compliment. Someone believes you have an audience that is worth reaching.

Duncan Riley

Sorry, but who’s complaining Om? no references = poor form, and you know better than that. As a blogger I don’t mind being pitched at all, as long as I’m not expected to reply to every pitch.

B.L. Ochman

You are 100 percent right. I am tired of all the whining too. Being pitched comes with the territory. And, hey, it’s fun ridiculing the bad ones. :>)

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