Microsoft releases Education Pack for Tablet PC


Following on the heels of the successful Experience Pack, Microsoft today released the Education Pack which is a collection of programs aimed at students and educators, although many Tablet PC owners will find some of the utilities quite useful.  The Education Pack consists of the following programs:

  • Ink Flash Cards- create flash cards for studying
  • Hexic- game that is enhanced for the Tablet PC
  • GoBinder Lite- a free version of the popular note-taking/ scheduling program from Agilix
  • Equation Editor- converts handwritten equations into digital form
  • Send to OneNote 2003- virtual printer that sends any document to OneNote for annotating and archiving

You can download the Education Pack for free from the Microsoft Downloads site.  Even if you are not a student or otherwise interested in some of these programs the Send to OneNote 2003 utility is incredibly useful and I highly recommend it, especially for printing PDFs to OneNote pages.

NOTE:  like the Experience Pack the Education Pack is available for Tablet PC owners running the English version of the OS only.

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